Our Story

As the story goes - there was a group of people that found it extremely difficult to be able to drink a good cup of pure tea which not only tasted great but consisted of pure/natural ingredients. Therefore, this group decided to make “A Pure Cup of Good Tea” which was similar to pure tea they desired , and they decided to establish a milk tea shop they liked..

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Tsaocha brand

Brand Story

TSAOCHA/TSAOCAA 朝茶 -"A Holy Land of Tea." a translation from the Chinese words “朝圣” (holy land) and “朝茶” (tea) is founded in 2018. TSAOCHA is a premium tea shop that provides fresh premium tea and carefully crafted drinks to create a memorable drinking experience.

Back then, it was tough to grab a cup of tea that was made from natural tea and fresh fruit ingredients. Most teas available on the market are low in quality and are usually made of artificial ingredients. Tsaocha pearls are in amber/light brown colors as they are made with sweet potato without artificial flavors and colors. Most bubbles available on the market are dyed with colors like dark black.

To close the gap in the market, Tsaocha's founder, Eddie Zheng aims to provide an affordable way to grab to-go tea drinks with premium tea leaves and the freshest fruit ingredients that are healthy and look fashionable! With our system, we can guarantee authenticity because our team of experts is always keeping watch – from farm to cup.

Value proposition

TSAOCHA/TSAOCAA is committed to making premium tea that not only tastes great but consists of pure/natural ingredients. Quality is our guarantee. From choosing the type of tea leaves, the hand-picking process, and roasting with other ingredients, each cup of tea has its own determined aroma and taste. We always take the "Original taste, healthy and environmentally friendly tea" as our purpose to guide.


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